Over 60 varieties of Evergreen Trees

The Mid-South's Largest Selection of Trees on Over 150 acres !

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Over 200 varieties of Deciduous Trees

Multiple varieties of these species are available:

Arborvitae         Cedars           Cypress         Fir                        Juniper       Magnolia      Palm       Pine 

Trees from Acer-Zelkova in all sizes:

​Dabney's 1-7 gallon size trees start on our western edge along Hacks Cross, and continue in the Small Tree house.  The 15-30 gallon sizes are in the Crape Myrtle/Magnolia & Holly houses, and in Pot-in-Pot, a field  with trees in 15 and 30 gallon pots in the ground. Field Grown Trees are sold by trunk diameter (single trunk) or height (multi-trunk).

We grow trees!

Very young trees, that we call "whips", are planted in medium to large pots or directly in the field.  We also bring in specialty varieties, such as Japanese maples, fruit & nut trees, evergreen trees and dwarf trees.

​​​​​​​​​​Multiple varieties of these species and more are available:

                                                                                                                                           Oak                         Ornamental  Cherry

Blackgum               Carolina Siverbell                    Fringetree                        Ginkgo                   Hornbeam          

Magnolias              Vitex             Red Maple           Tulip Poplar                     Styrax                    Fruit Trees

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Dabney Nursery Trees