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Closed Thanksgiving & Black Friday, Nov. 22nd-23rd !

                      (Open 8-5 Saturday, Nov. 24th)

Elephant Ears


​Hypoestes - Polka Dot Plant

     Pink, White

​Ivy - 'Yellow Ripple', 'Glacier' 

Lobelia - asst. colors

​Lysimachia (Creeping Jenny)

​     Gold

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5576 Hacks Cross Rd

Memphis, TN  38125

(901) 755-4037

Shade Annuals for Summer include:

Petunia​ - asst. colors each series
     'Easy Wave', 'Flashmob',
     'Suncatcher', 'Shock Wave', 
     'Supertunia', 'Surfina' (trailing)
     'Tidal Wave'

Plectranthus - Mona Lavender

Portulaca (Moss Rose)

     'Happy Hour Mix','Happy Trails Mix'

Salvia - 

     'Black & Blue' (biennial)

Scaeveola - Fan Flower

​Sedum- 'Lemon Ball', 'Angelina'

SunColeus -​ asst. varieties & colors



​Setcreasea - Purple Heart

Sweet Potato Vine -

     Non-compact & compact varieties

​Verbena - 'EnduraScape' asst. colors

Vinca - 'Valient' asst. colors

​Zinnia -

     'Crystal' White

     'Dreamland' mix, 'Profusion' asst. colors

     'State Fair Mix', 'Zahara' asst. colors

Spring & Summer​ Bedding Plants -  Available from April 15th until they are gone! 

Late February we begin growing Spring annual bedding plants in over 2 acres of ​greenhouses. While this Spring color is headed to your landscape, we order Chrysanthemum cuttings & plugs to plant mid-June. By late August we are planting pansies & ornamental cabbage for Fall and Winter color.

We are the Grower!

The Mid-South's largest selection of Annual Bedding Plants !

Begonia - Green Leaf

     'Bada Bing', 'Baby Wing'

     'Dragon Wing', 'Whopper'


​Coleus -

     Multiple colors in each series: 

     'Wizard', 'Kong', 'Kong Jr'

Euphorbia - 'Diamond Frost' 

Ageratum - Hawaii 5.0 Blue

Alternanthera - Joseph's Coat

Angelonia  (Summer Snapdragon)-

     'Serena' asst. colors

Asparagus Fern​

Bacopa (trailer) - Asst. colors 

Begonia - 

     'Bada Boom',  'Whopper' 

​Calibrachoa -

     'Kabloom' asst. colors

​Celosia (Cockscomb) -

     Ice Cream Mix

Colocasia - Elephant Ear

Cosmos -

     'Sonata' Mix, Pink Blush, White

Cuphea -

     'Allyson' (Mexican Heather)

     'Bat Face'

​Dahlia - asst. colors

​Dianthus -  'Diana' asst. colors

​Dichondra - 'Silver Falls'

Dracaena - Spike Plant

​Duranta - 'Aurea'

Dusty Miller - 'Silver Dust'​

Sun Annuals for Summer include:

​Open Mon - Sat  8-5


​​(901) 755-4037    

Dabney Nursery Summer Annuals

Open Mon-Sat 8-5:00

Impatiens -  multiple colors of each series
     'Super Elfin', 'Bounce'

​Oxalis - 'Charmed Wine'

Persian Shield

Torenia (Wishbone or Clownflower)

​     'Catalina'

          Gilded Grape, Grape-O-Licious,

          White Linen

​     'Summer Wave' Blue

Evolvulus - Blue Daze
​Grass - 
​     'Purple Fountain'

Geranium -

     Asst. Varieties & Colors

Geranium - Citronelle

     Mosquito Geranium
Gerber Daisy - Asst. Colors
Gomphrena -

     Purple Bachelor Button


Justicia (Shrimp Plant) -

     Red, Yellow

Lantana - Asst. colors & 

     growth habits​​

Lobularia​ (Sweet Alyssum) - asst. colors

Marigold -

     Asst. Colors in each series:

     'Disco', 'Durango', 'French',

     'French Crested-Janie', 'Taishan'


     'Million Gold'

Pentas - 'Graffiti' asst. colors