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Closed Thanksgiving & Black Friday, Nov. 22nd-23rd !

                      (Open 8-5 Saturday, Nov. 24th)

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Weeping, Pink blooms

Cercis /ˈsɜːrsᵻs/  Genus of deciduous trees with heart-shaped leaves that bloom in early Spring on bare branches & trunks. We carry cultivars of trees native to the Southeast US. 

Pink blooms, Green foliage

Open Mon-Sat 8-5:00

   'Oklahoma', 15G            'Eastern White'            'Eastern Red​', 7G            'Forest Pansy'

White blooms, Green foliage

Cultivar​                            Mature Size

Pink Heartbreaker         10' x 8'
Ruby Falls                           6' x 4'
Traveller                             6' x 10'


Cultivar                           Mature size

Forest Pansy                    20' x 25'
Merlot                                  15-18' H

   'Tennessee Pink'             New Spring Foliage          'Forest Pansy'                     'Eastern Red'

Dabney Nursery Redbud

Pink blooms, Deep purple foliage

Cultivar                             Mature Size

Alley Cat, Variegated       20' x 25'

    Green & white leaves
Appalachian Red               20-25' H
Eastern                                 20' x 25'
Flame                                    20-30' H
Hearts of Gold                   15' x 18'

    Gold Spring foliage
Oklahoma                           12-18' H
Rising Sun                          12' x 8'

    New foliage is apricot-orange,

    maturing to yellow, then bright green.
Tennessee Pink                20' x 25'

5576 Hacks Cross Rd.

Memphis, TN 38125

(901) 755-4037

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Cultivar                            Mature Size 

Eastern White                 20' x 25'
Texas White                      12-18' H