Mexican Feather Grass

  'Evergold'               EverColor®        'Eversheen'

Cortaderia                      Sun                                   

10-12' Pampas   Upright green foliage with large, white

6-7'    Pink Pampas   Upright green foliage with pink

           plumes late summer.
6-7'    Pumila Pampas   Finer blades than larger variety.

Perennial grasses provide 4 seasons of interest in the landscape.  Smaller varieties may be used as borders or as backdrop in a bed.  Larger varieties may be specimen or screen plants.

'Morning Light'

Calamagrostis                 Sun                                  

3-4'  Karl Foerster   Deep-green, upright blades with

​         feathery plumes.

Ornamental Grass

'Gold Breeze' 

'Fast Forward' Muhley Grass

'Little Kitten'

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'Lucerne' Blue-Eye Grass

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Carex                             Shade                                  

 10"  Bunny Blue  Clumping silver-blue foliage. Native.

  1'    Everest   Green foliage with white edges.
  1'     Evergold   Yellow foliage with dark green borders.

 16"  Eversheen  Shiny, lime-yellow striped foliage.
  1'     Ice Cream   White fine foliage with green edges.
  1'     Japanese Forest 'Aureola'  Golden variegated, arching

​         foliage. Slow growth habit.

 8"   Pennsylvania Sedge  Grass-like green leaves. Native.

Open Mon-Sat 8-5:00

       'Hameln'                     'Little Bunny'

'Indian Warrior'            'Bunny Blue' Carex

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Pennisetum                Sun              Fountain Grasses    

  4'   Desert Plains  Upright habit. Foliage turns red-orange in

        Fall. Purple to tan plumes.
  4'   First Knight-Royal Collection Deep black foliage. Perennial

        for zone 7, but only flowers in frost-free zones.
  3'   Fireworks* Burgundy, pink, green & white vertically

        striped blades with purple tassels. *Annual
2-3' Hameln  Arching, light green, dwarf grass with creamy-

        tan foxtail plumes in late summer.
2-3' Karley Rose  Deep green foliage with rose-pink plumes.
  1'   Little Bunny  Fox-tail plumes. Mounding habit.
3-4' Princess-Royal Collection  Royal purple blades. Perennial

        for zone 7, but only flowers in frost-free zones.
  4'   Purple Fountain* Maroon-purple foliage with rose-red

        flower spikes. *Annual
4-6' Vertigo*  Purple to black foliage. Tall, upright habit.


Sisychrium           Sun/Pt Shade                                   

​ Ht.
  1'   Blue-Eye 'Lucerne'  Sky-blue blooms late Spring. Iris

       family. Native.
  3'  Blue Heaven Little Bluestem  Blue-gray foliage.

Acorus                  Pt. Shade.  Likes wet areas           

   1'     Sweetflag   Yellow & green blades striped lenghtwise.
   4"   Dwarf Golden Sweetflag  Yellow-green blades are mat


Andropogon                    Sun                                     

5-6'   Indian Warrior Big Bluestem

           Upright, green blades turn reddish-purple as purple

​           plumes emerge. Native.

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Muhlenbergia            Sun/Pt. Shade                             

   3'   Pink Muhley  Glossy, dark green, fine foliage with

         delicate, pink bloom panicles. Native.
   2'  Fast Forward  Compact habit with purple-pink plumes in

        late Summer.

Nasella                            Sun                                       

​ Ht.
1-2' Mexican Feather Grass Very fine, green foliage with straw

       colored plumes.

Panicum                         Sun          Switch Grass          

​ Ht.
4-5' Northwind  Upright Switch grass with fine plumes.

        Drought tolerant. Native.
  4'   Shenandoah Burgundy-red foliage with red plumes.

Ornamental Grasses


 'Ice Cream' Carex                       'Aureola'

                                                      Jap. Forest Grass

Miscanthus                 Sun                                         

4-5'  Adagio   Fine green foliage with mounding habit.

         White plumes in late Summer.

3-5'  Gold Bar   Striking, horizontal gold stripes on

         upright foliage.
5-7' Gold Breeze   Striking, horizontal gold stripes on

        upright foliage.
5-7' Gracillimus   Fine, narrow green foliage with reddish

        plumes. Clumping.
1-3' Little Kitten   Petite, mounding habit. Narrow green

        foliage with plumes in summer.
5-7' Maiden   Pink plumes that turn white with golden to

        orange-red tones by Fall.
3-4' Morning Light   Fine, white-edged, variegated foliage

        with an upright habit.
5-6' Variegatus   Upright, green foliage with white edges.
6-8' Zebra   Green foliage with horizontal, creamy stripes.

         Tall, upright habit.
3-4' Little Zebra   Dwarf with horizontal gold banding on

        narrow green leaves.