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hy·dran·gea   /hīˈdrānjə/

Genus including at least 6 species of shrubs and climbing plants with rounded or flattened flowering heads of small florets.

Hydrangeas are native to Asia and North America.

Name derived from Greek for the cup shape of its seed capsule:

hydro- 'water'+ angeion 'vessel' 

Dabney Nursery Hydrangeas

Hydrangea paniculata - Sun

-Conical white flowers age to shades of pink and red.

-Blooms on new wood in the sun beginning mid-summer.

            Cultivars  with  Ht. x Width

Big Ben          8'x 6'       Pee Gee         15'x 10'
BoBo              3'x 3'        Phantom         7' H
Fire Light      6'x 6'       Pinky Winky   7'x 7'
Limelight      7'x 7'       Strawberry Vanilla  8'x 5'     
Little Lamb   5'x 5'       Tardiva        Up to 15'            
Little Lime    4'x 4'       Zinfin Doll      6-8'


Hydrangeas at the Dabney Nursery

Hydrangea arborescens ​Part Shade

Smooth Hydrangeas

-Native Hydrangeas with snowball shaped blooms

-Re-Bloomers that bloom on new wood

Cultivars            Ht x Width      Bloom Color

​Annabelle                  4'x 4'            White
Bounty                        3' H             White    
Incrediball                 5'x 5'            White
Invincibelle Spirit II  4'x 4'            Pink

Hydrangea quercifolia - Shade 

Oakleaf Hydrangeas

-Native shrub with red Fall foliage

-White, conical flowers that mature to reddish-pink shades.

           Cultivars with Ht x Width

Alice                   6'x 6'      Pee Wee          4'x 4'
Ellen Huff          6'x 6'      Ruby Slippers 3'x 3'
Gatsby's Moon  6'x 6'      Sikes Dwarf    2'x 3'
Little Honey      4'x 4'      Snowflake       7'x 6'
Munchkin          3'x 4'      Snow Queen    7'x 6'

Hydrangea macrophylla - Shade
-Mop-head (M) or Lacecap (L) flowers

-Flower color depends on soil pH.  

     Acid or low pH soil produces blue blooms. 

          Aluminum Sulfate encourages blue blooms.

     Alkaline or high pH soil produces pink blooms.

          Lime encourages pink blooms.


​Abracadabra Orb (M)
Blue Heaven (M) Re-bloomer

Cityline Series - Dwarf naturally compact habit
Mars (M)                   Rio (M)
Paris (M)                   Vienna (M)

Dear Delores (M) Re-bloomer
Emile Mouillere (M) White blooms

Endless Summer series- Re-blooming hydrangeas

    (bloom on old & new wood).
Original (M)               Blushing Bride (M)
Bloomstruck (M)       Twist-n-shout (L)

Everlasting Series - Long lasting, mop-head blooms

    with progression of colors.
Amethyst (M)               Ocean (M)
Coral (M)                      Opal (M)
Garnet (M)                   Revolution (M)

Noblesse (M)

Forever & Ever Pink, White (M)
Fuji Waterfall (M) Re-bloomer
Glowing Embers (M)
Lady in Red (L)
LA Dreamin' (M) Re-bloomer
Lemon Wave (L)

Let's Dance Series- Dwarf re-blooming hydrangeas
Big Easy (M)                 Rave (M)
Blue Jangles (M)          Rhythmic Blue (M)
Diva (L)                        Starlight (L)
Moonlight (M)

Mini Penny (M) Re-bloomer
Nikko Blue (M) 
Penny Mac (M) Re-bloomer
Pistachio (M) Re-bloomer

Red Sensation (M) Re-bloomer
Tricolor (L)