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Dogwoods for the Mid - South

'Cherokee Brave'           'Celestial Shadow'®      'Cherokee Princess'       'Cherokee Brave' &

                                                      Fall Foliage                               7G                            'Cherokee Princess'

Kousa Dogwood

'Appalachian Spring'     'Cherokee Brave'

       Fall Foliage

'Cherokee Princess'           'Red Pygmy'®

Summer Foliage                   Fall Foliage

'Celestial Shadow'® Dogwood

5576 Hacks Cross Rd.

Memphis, TN  38125

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Hybrid Dogwoods
Bloom after Native Dogwoods and before Kousa Dogwoods. Shade, especially in the afternoon.

  Cultivar            Mature Height    Flower Color
Celestial®                   20'            White flowers

      Cornus x 'Rutdan'                 mature to pink.

      Does not produce berries.     

Celestial Shadow®   20-25'               White

     Cornus x 'Rutdan'

     Variegated green/yellow Summer foliage

     turns pink/red in the Fall.

Stellar Pink®            20-25'                Pink

     Cornus x 'Rutgan'

Stellar Pink, V®        20-25'                Pink

     Cornus x 'Rutgan' 

     Variegated leaves.
Venus®                      20-30'                White

     Cornus x 'KN30-8'

Evergreen Dogwood: 
Empress of China   18' x 15'                White

(Cornus angustata)

     Profuse blooms in June. Part Shade.

Shrub Dogwood
Red Twig                    6-8'                  White

(Cornus sericea) Native to North America.

     Upright shrub planted for bright red stems in         winter. Full Sun. 

Golden Glory           15' x 15'               Yellow

(Cornus mas) Native to Eurasia.

​     Blooms in March. Cherry Red fruit attracts

     birds in summer.

'Firebird' Dogwood     'Firebird' leaf detail

Call for availability 

Dabney Nursery Dogwood

Blooms May to June after leaves emerge.

Deciduous. Tolerates more sun than ​C. Florida.

​Orange-red Fall foliage & fuchsia berry-like fruits.

Native to Asia.


Heart Throb   

Lil Poncho (Dwarf)    
Milky way           

​Native Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida )

Open Mon-Sat 8-5:00

'Empress of China'

​Evergreen Dogwood

Blooms in late March to April before leaves emerge.

Deciduous.  Needs afternoon shade.
Burgundy-red Fall foliage & red berries in Winter for birds. Native to eastern North America.

Appalachian Spring  
Cherokee Brave 
Cherokee Chief 
Cherokee Princess 
Cloud 9 
Eternal/Bob Timberlake  

Karen's Appalachian Blush

Red Pygmy®        

Cor-nus  \ˈkȯr-nəs\ ​Genus of deciduous flowering plants with numerous species native to temperate zones across North America & Eurasia.