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Closed Thanksgiving & Black Friday, Nov. 22nd-23rd !

                      (Open 8-5 Saturday, Nov. 24th)


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Memphis, TN  38125

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Camellias are evergreen shrubs for the shade that bloom Fall to early Spring, when few other plants are blooming. Native to Asia, Camellia sasanqua (related varieties C. Hiernalis , C. Vernalis),  Camellia japonica & their hybrids are grown in Mid-South landscapes as specimen plants, foundation plants, screens and hedges. 

Camellias prefer acidic, well drained soil with high organic content.

​Fall to Winter Bloomers:

Camellia sasanquas & Hybrids

   'Alba Plena'              'April Dawn'              'April Tryst'           'Black Magic'              'Black Tie'             

October Magic 'Rose'      'Pink Snow'             'Purple Haze'            'Shishigashira'         'Silver Dollar'     

    'Cake Icing'             'Dahlonega'               'Daijokhan'          'Dr. JC Raulston'        'Edna Campbell'

'Sparkling Burgundy'   'Stephanie Golden'         'Susy Dirr'           'Winter's Star'              'Yuletide'  

​Open Mon - Sat  8-5


​​(901) 755-4037    

    'Leslie Ann'            'Mine-No-Yuki'              'Carpet'                    'Orchid'           'Pink Perplexion'

'High Fragrance'      'Lady Vansittart'      'Laura Walker'         'Moonshadow'           'Rubra Plena'  

Dabney Nursery Camellias

​  October Magic                October Magic               October Magic 

'Tricolor Superba'       'Valerie'

  'Dabney's Star'        'Dream Weaver'       'Green's Blues'           'Egao Curly'                    'Eos'      

   'Royal Velvet'       'Sawada's Mahogany'          'Seafoam'           'Steven Sawada'    'Taylor's Perfection'


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Early to Late Spring bloomers:

​Camellia japonicas  ​&  Hybrids

Open Mon-Sat 8-5:00