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Shrubs in the genus Buxus 

Traditionally used a formal garden hedges, Boxwoods are still major structural elements in the modern landscape. When designing with Boxwoods, choose cultivars based on sun exposure, mature size and growth habit.  Despite the large variety of sizes and shapes available,

all Boxwoods prefer more alkaline soils with a pH range of 6.5-7.2.

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Boxwoods for Shade 

​Listed from largest to smallest

B. sempervirens        Mature Size      Habit

American                        8-12' H         Round
Dee Runk                     10'H x 3'W    Columnar 
Green Tower                9'H x 2'W    Columnar 
Elegantissima              5'H x 4'W       Round

     Creamy margins on green leaves.

Variegata                      5'H x 3'W     Pyramidal

     White to creamy-yellow margins on green leaves.

Green Mountain         5'H x 3'W      Pyramidal  
     B. sempervirens 'Suffruticosa' x B. sinica var. insularis 
Green Velvet               4'H x 4'W        Round 
     B. sempervirens  x B. sinica var. insularis 

B. microphylla var. japonica

Green Beauty                3-4'                 Round
Baby Gem                 2-3'H x 3'W        Round

B. sinica var. insularis

Justin Brouwers          2'H x 3'W    Dwarf mounding 

Boxwoods for Sun
B. sinica var. insularis (Korean)

Wintergreen            4'H x 4'W           Round
Winter Gem             3'H x 3'W           Round

Green Gem-Pt.Sun     3-4'H              Round

     B. sinca var. insularis  x B. sempervirens

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