Bonica - coral pink, O/R

Children's Hope - red, O/R  NEW

Double Knock-Out - deep cherry red O/R

Edith's Darling - soft apricot-gold, *Fr

        Downton Abbey Rose O/R  NEW

AARS - All American Rose Selection        *Fr - Fragrant        *Gf - Garden Friendly

Rad - Radler, knock-Out Rose creator     *Gr - Grandiflora    O/R - on own root     

Brilliant Pink Iceberg & White Iceberg

​Ebb Tide Purple & Julia Child Yellow

​Kolorscape Roses - Red & Yellow​

Pink Double Knock-Out - bubblegum pink, O/R

Sunny Knock-Out - yellow, single, O/R

White Out - white, single bloms

5576 Hacks Cross Rd

Memphis, TN  38125

(901) 755-4037

All My Loving - light red to dark pink NEW

Anna's Promise - copper,

        Downton Abbey Rose

Apricots 'n' Cream - ivory to apricot 

Bella 'Roma -  yellow with pink edges, *Fr

Black Baccara - dark florist rose, O/R 

California Dreaming - white to pink, *Fr


Chicago Peace - yellow & pink

Chrysler Imperial  - red, AARS 1953, *Fr

Coretta Scott King - coral-orange with white        blush, *Gr

Crescendo - coral-pink with creamy white  

       center, *Fr

Dark Night - dark red w/ yellow center

Dee-lish - rich pink, *Fr

​Dick Clark - cream & cherry, AARS 2011,*Gr

Dolly Parton - orange red, *Fr

Double Delight - cream blushing red, *Fr

Dream Come True-red w/ yellow center,

         *Gr  AARS 2008

Fire Fighter - velvet red

Fragrant Cloud - deep orange, *Fr

Fragrant Plum - lavender purple, *Fr

Francis Meilland​ - pink to white, *Fr

        AARS 3013

Garden Party - white blend w/ pink edges

Gemini - coral-pink to cream, AARS 2000

Gold Medal - yellow, *Gr

​Good As Gold - deep golden yellow

        w/ red

Grande Dame - rose pink *Fr

Happy Go Lucky - yellow, *Gr

Henry Fonda - deep yellow, *Fr

Ingrid Bergman - dark red

In the Mood - true red

John F. Kennedy - white

Just Joey - apricot
Legends - ruby red
Let Freedom Ring - strawberry red

Liv Tylor - coral-pink, *Fr  NEW
Love & Peace - yellow & pink, AARS 2002

Dabney Nursery Roses.

Roses by Ping

Mary Rose - rose pink, *Fr
Molineux - rich yellow, O/R, *Fr

Olivia Rose Austin - pink *Fr

Royal Jubilee - pink *Fr

Teasing Georgia - rich yellow climber,

        *Fr, O/R

Tess of the d'Urbervilles - crimson red

Winchester Cathedral - white, *Fr

​Wollerton Old Hall - butter cream,​ *Fr

Iceberg -white

Joseph's Coat - red, pink, orange, yellow blend

New Dawn - soft pink, O/R

Pretty in Pink Eden - deep pink

Royal Gold - golden yellow

Tropical Lightning - orange, w/ purple tint, &

        cream  ​NEW 

White Eden - white

​Zephirine Drouhin - pink, *Fr

Hybrid Teas & Grandifloras


Climbing Roses

Call for availability 

David Austin Roses  

Shrub Roses

Roses for Spring 2017 

​​​Julia Child - yellow, AARS 2006, *Fr

Ketchup & Mustard - red and yellow

Living Easy - apricot-orange blend

Pumpkin Patch - caramel orange

Purple Tiger - flecked purple & white

Sentimental - Red and white stripe,

        AARS 1997

Shockwave - neon yellow

Tuscan Sun - deep apricot orange

Vavoom - orange

Violet's Pride - lavender *Fr  NEW

        Downton Abbey Rose

White Licorice - lemon cream, *Fr

Above All - salmon-orange blend

America - coral pink, AARS 1976, *Fr

Blaze Improved - red

Crimson Sky - bright red  NEW

Cupid's Kisses -pink & white patio, O/R NEW

Don Juan - dark red, *Fr

Eden Climber - pink & white, O/R

Forth of July - red & white striped,

        AARS 1999

Fruity Petals - coral & pink NEW

Open Mon-Sat 8-5:00

Drop Dead Red - red

Iceberg - white

Julia Child - yellow

Oh My - deep velvet red

​Shockwave - neon yellow

Benjamin Britton - red to pink, *Fr Carding Mill - apricot pink, *Fr

​Charlotte - soft yellow

Darcy Bussell - rich crimson, *Gf

Golden Celebration - yellow, *Fr

Harlow Carr - pure pink, *Fr
Heritage - soft pink, *Fr

Lady of Shalott - rich orange-red, climber

        O/R, *Fr

​Lichfield Angel - creamy white, *Gf, O/R

36" Tree Roses

Drift Roses - O/R  

        Apricot, Coral, Peach, Pink, Popcorn, Red & White

Rainbow Happy Trails - O/R  

        Yellow-Gold, Pink to Red 

Belinda's Dream - medium pink, O/R

Canyon Road - brick red  NEW

Cinco de Mayo - red-orange blend 

        w/lavender smoke

​Colorific - salmon and scarlet

Doris Day - yellow, *Fr

Drop Dead Red - red velvet

Easy Does It - peach-pink blend,

        AARS 2010

Easy to Please - pink  NEW 

Ebb Tide - deep purple

Gilded Sun - deep yellow  New

Hot Cocoa - chocolate orange bicolor

        AARS 2003

Iceberg - White

Ground Cover Roses

Bare-root roses are potted in February at The Dabney Nursery, and are not ready to be planted in the ground until May.  Roses may be purchased before May, with the understanding that the rose should be cared for in the pot until May.

Champagne Wishes​ - light apricot to white

Grandma's Blessing - dusty pin

Head Over Heels - lavender

Kashmir - red

Music Box - white w/ pink edges

Pinktopia - pink

​Yellow Submarine - yellow.

36" Twofer Tree Roses

Melody Parfumee - plum, *Gr, *Fr

Memorial Day - pink, AARS 2004, *Fr

Midas Touch - yellow, AARS 1994, *Fr

Miss Congeniality - pink picotee, *Gr 

Mister Lincoln - red, AARS 1965, *Fr

Moonstone - white edged in pink

Neil Diamond - pink and white striped, *Fr

Neptune - purple, *Fr

Oklahoma - deep red, *Fr

Olympiad - red, AARS 1984

Opening Night - red, AARS 1998

Over the Moon - apricot

Papa Meilland - dark red, *Fr

Peace - soft yellow and pink, AARS 1946

​Perfect Moment - yellow w/ broad red border

            AARS 1991

Perfume Delight - deep pink, AARS 1974, *Fr

Pretty Lady - deep pink, *Fr  NEW

           Downton Abbey Rose 

Princess Charlene de Monaco - salmon-pink

           *Fr  NEW

Pope John Paul II - pure white *Fr

Queen Elizabeth - pink, AARS 1955, *Gr

Radiant Perfume - yellow, *Gr, *Fr

Rio Samba - yellow and orange AARS 1993

Secret - cream to pink, AARS 1994, *Fr

Smokin' Hot - orange w/ hint of purple &

           white on reverse

St. Patrick - yellow to green, AARS 1996

Strike It Rich - yellow to coral pink, *Gr, *Fr

           AARS 2007

Sugar Moon - white, *Fr

​Tahitian Sunset - apricot, AARS 2006, *Fr

The McCartney Rose - deep rosy pink, *Fr

Tiffany - pink, AARS 1955, *Fr

Touch of Class -coral and pink, AARS 1986

Tropicana - orange, AARS 1963, *Fr

Twilight Zone - deep purple, *Gr, *Fr

Veterans' Honor - true red

Voodoo - peach-orange, *Fr

We Salute You - orange to pink    

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​Open Saturday, Nov. 25

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