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'Lucerne' Blue-Eye Grass

Carex  (Jap. Sedge)         Shade                                  

  1'    Everest   Green foliage with white edges.
  1'     Evergold   Yellow foliage with dark green borders.
  1'     Ice Cream   White fine foliage with green edges.
  1'     Japanese Forest 'Aureola'  Golden variegated, arching

​         foliage. Slow growth habit.

Andropogon                    Sun                                     

5-6'   Indian Warrior Big Bluestem

           Upright, green blades turn reddish-purple as purple

​           plumes emerge. Native.

       'Hameln'                     'Little Bunny'

Ornamental Grass

'Gold Breeze' 

'Indian Warrior'

'Fast Forward' Muhley Grass

Miscanthus                 Sun                                         

4-5'  Adagio   Fine green foliage with mounding habit.

         White plumes in late Summer.

3-5'  Gold Bar   Striking, horizontal gold stripes on

         upright foliage.
5-7' Gold Breeze   Striking, horizontal gold stripes on

        upright foliage.
5-7' Gracillimus   Fine, narrow green foliage with reddish

        plumes. Clumping.
1-3' Little Kitten   Petite, mounding habit. Narrow green

        foliage with plumes in summer.
5-7' Maiden   Pink plumes that turn white with golden to

        orange-red tones by Fall.
3-4' Morning Light   Fine, white-edged, variegated foliage

        with an upright habit.
5-6' Variegatus   Upright, green foliage with white edges.
6-8' Zebra   Green foliage with horizontal, creamy stripes.

         Tall, upright habit.
3-4' Little Zebra   Dwarf with horizontal gold banding on

        narrow green leaves.

'Little Kitten'


'Morning Light'

Mexican Feather Grass

Cortaderia                      Sun                                   

10-12' Pampas   Upright green foliage with large, white

6-7'    Pink Pampas   Upright green foliage with pink

           plumes late summer.
6-7'    Pumila Pampas   Finer blades than larger variety.

 'Ice Cream' Carex                'Aureola'

                                         Jap. Forest Grass

Calamagrostis                 Sun                                  

3-4'  Karl Foerster   Deep-green, upright blades with

​         feathery plumes.

Muhlenbergia            Sun/Pt. Shade                             

   3'   Pink Muhley  Glossy, dark green, fine foliage with

         delicate, pink bloom panicles. Native.
   2'  Fast Forward  Compact habit with purple-pink plumes in

        late Summer.

Nasella                            Sun                                       

​ Ht.
1-2' Mexican Feather Grass Very fine, green foliage with straw

       colored plumes.

Panicum                         Sun          Switch Grass          

​ Ht.
4-5' Northwind  Upright Switch grass with fine plumes.

        Drought tolerant. Native.
  4'   Shenandoah Burgundy-red foliage with red plumes.

Ornamental Grasses

Call for availability.

Perennial grasses provide 4 seasons of interest in the landscape.  Smaller varieties may be used as borders or as backdrop in a bed.  Larger varieties may be specimen or screen plants.

Acorus                  Pt. Shade.  Likes wet areas           

   1'     Sweetflag   Yellow & green blades striped lenghtwise.
   4"   Dwarf Golden Sweetflag  Yellow-green blades are mat


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Pennisetum                Sun              Fountain Grasses    

  4'   Desert Plains  Upright habit. Foliage turns red-orange in

        Fall. Purple to tan plumes.
  4'   First Knight-Royal Collection Deep black foliage. Perennial

        for zone 7, but only flowers in frost-free zones.
  3'   Fireworks* Burgundy, pink, green & white vertically

        striped blades with purple tassels. *Annual
2-3' Hameln  Arching, light green, dwarf grass with creamy-

        tan foxtail plumes in late summer.
2-3' Karley Rose  Deep green foliage with rose-pink plumes.
  1'   Little Bunny  Fox-tail plumes. Mounding habit.
3-4' Princess-Royal Collection  Royal purple blades. Perennial

        for zone 7, but only flowers in frost-free zones.
  4'   Purple Fountain* Maroon-purple foliage with rose-red

        flower spikes. *Annual
4-6' Vertigo*  Purple to black foliage. Tall, upright habit.


Sisychrium           Sun/Pt Shade                                   

​ Ht.
  1'   Blue-Eye 'Lucerne'  Sky-blue blooms late Spring. Iris

       family. Native.
  3'  Blue Heaven Little Bluestem  Blue-gray foliage.