Upright, Green-leaf Japanese Maples
 'Aconitifolium'                    lace-leaf           8-10'H          Fall foliage is crimson to purple. Morning sun only.
 'Aka Shigitatsu Sawa'       palmate          8'H x 6'W       White, pink & green variegated leaf
 'Beni Komachi'                    palmate          8'H x 6'W       Red to dark purple spring foliage. Green with purple margin in summer.
 'Beni Schichihenge'           palmate          8'H x 6'W       Variegated foliage is green w/ pink-white border & turns bright red-                                                                                                                                               orange in fall.
 'Bihou'                                    palmate             15'H                Chartreuse foliage edged with red in spring. Bright yellow fall color. 
                                                                                                            Bark is shades of peach, coral and yellow.
 'Butterfly'                             palmate          10'H x 6'W      Variegated foliage, green w/ cream margins hints of pink. Bright orange in fall.
 'Moonrise'                            palmate            8'H x 8'W      Bright red spring foliage, chatreuse shades in summer, and dark red fall color. 
 'Orange Dream'                 palmate          15'H x 18'W     Yellow-orange spring foliage with a red margin. Solid green in summer.  
                                                                                                           Orange-red shades in fall.
 'Orido Nishiki'                    palmate              15'H             Variegated foliage is pink in spring, green in summer and red/white in fall. 
 'Osakazuki'                          palmate              15'H              Intense red fall color.
 'Sango Kaku'                       palmate              15'H              Bright Coral Bark.  Chartreuse green leaves.
 'Shindeshojo'                      palmate              10'H              Scarlet spring foliage. Green tinged with red in summer. Red-orange in fall.
 'Shinobu Ga Oka'               palmate              15'H              Yellow fall foliage.
 'Shishigashira'                   palmate               8'H               Crinkled bright green leaves grow in tufts along stem. Orange fall color.
 'Ukigumo'                            palmate           6'H x 6'W      Variegated foliage is white w/ pink flushes in Spring & green with white in                                                                                                                                    Summer. Peach to deep red in autumn. 

Ornamental, deciduous trees from Asia that are used as an accent in the landscape.  Leaves are palmately lobed & exhibit great variation. Specific traits have been selected for the development of numerous cultivars.

Weeping Red-leaf Japanese Maples
 'Crimson Queen'                   lace-leaf          6-8'H            Retains deep red color throughout growing season.  Morning sun only.
 'Garnet'                                     lace-leaf          6-8'H            Red-orange color.  Morning sun only.
 'Inaba Shidare'                       lace-leaf         6-8'H            Deep purple red leaves turn crimson in the fall.  Morning sun only.
 'Orangeola'                              lace-leaf         6-8'H            Red-orange foliage turns bright red in the fall.  Morning sun only.
 'Red Dragon'                           lace-leaf         6-8'H            Dark burgundy leaves turn bright scarlet in the fall.  Morning sun only.
 'Tamukeyama'                       lace-leaf           8'H               Bright scarlet fall color.

Japanese Maple - ​Acer palmatum

Japanese Maples

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Upright, Red-leaf Japanese Maples
 Atropurpureum                  palmate           18-20'H         Red leaf seedlings, less expensive than named cultivars.
'Ben Otake'                          linearilobum   12-15'H          Red leaf with vivid crimson fall color.
'Bloodgood'                          palmate           12-15'H          Red leaf with bright red fall color. Tolerant of full sun.
'Burgundy Lace'                 lace-leaf          10-12'H          Deeply lobed, finely serrated leaves with bright red fall color.
'Emperor One'                     palmate           12-15'H          Bright red fall color. Tolerant of  full sun.  

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All Japanese Maples need afternoon shade, except for 'Bloodgood' & 'Emperor One'.

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Weeping Green-leaf Japanese Maples
 'Green Cascade'                   lace-leaf            5-6'H            Green foliage turns yellow in the fall.  Morning sun only.
 'Omure Yama'                      lace-leaf          12-15'H           Green foliage turns bright red in fall.
 'Ryusen'                                 palmate          8'H x 6'W         Golden-orange to bright red fall color.
 'Waterfall'                             lace-leaf           6'-8'H            Gold-crimson fall foliage.  Morning sun only.

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