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Dogwoods for the Mid - South

'Empress of China'

​Evergreen Dogwood

'Cherokee Brave'       'Celestial Shadow'®      'Cherokee Princess'       'Cherokee Brave' &

                                          Fall Foliage                            7G                     'Cherokee Princess'

Dabney Nursery Dogwood

Blooms May to June after leaves emerge.

Deciduous. Tolerates more sun than ​C. Florida.

​Orange-red Fall foliage & fuchsia berry-like fruits.

Native to Asia.

    Cultivar                   Mature Height    Flower Color

Greensleeves                    20-25'          Creamy white 
Heart Throb                     20-25'          Reddish-pink  

Kousa                               25-30'                 White 
Lil Poncho (Dwarf)            8-10'                 White
Milky way                           20'                    White 

Blooms in late March to April before leaves emerge.

Deciduous.  Needs afternoon shade.
Burgundy-red Fall foliage & red berries in Winter for birds. Native to eastern North America.

     Cultivar                       Mature Height    Flower Color
Appalachian Spring              25-30'             White
Cherokee Brave                       30'                 Reddish-pink 
Cherokee Chief                     15-20'              Rose-red 
Cherokee Princess                15-20'              White (largest)
Cloud 9 (most flowers)        15-20'              White
Eternal/Bob Timberlake       15-20'              White Double

Firebird                                   20'                 Pink & White
Karen's Appalachian Blush  10-15'              White w/ pink edges

Red Pygmy®                            7'                  Dark Pink

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Hybrid Dogwoods
Bloom after Native Dogwoods and before Kousa Dogwoods. Shade, especially in the afternoon.

  Cultivar            Mature Height    Flower Color
Celestial®                   20'            White flowers

      Cornus x 'Rutdan'                 mature to pink.

      Does not produce berries.     

Celestial Shadow®   20-25'               White

     Cornus x 'Rutdan'

     Variegated green/yellow Summer foliage

     turns pink/red in the Fall.

Stellar Pink®            20-25'                Pink

     Cornus x 'Rutgan'

Stellar Pink, V®        20-25'                Pink

     Cornus x 'Rutgan' 

     Variegated leaves.
Venus®                      20-30'                White

     Cornus x 'KN30-8'

Evergreen Dogwood: 
Empress of China   18' x 15'                White

(Cornus angustata)

     Profuse blooms in June. Shade.

Shrub Dogwood
Red Twig                    6-8'                  White

(Cornus sericea) Native to North America.

     Upright shrub planted for bright red stems in      winter. Full Sun. 

Golden Glory           15' x 15'               Yellow

(Cornus mas) Native to Eurasia.

​     Blooms in March. Cherry Red fruit attracts

     birds in summer.

​Native Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida )

Kousa Dogwood

'Firebird' Dogwood     'Firebird' leaf detail

Cor-nus  \ˈkȯr-nəs\ ​Genus of deciduous flowering plants with numerous species native to temperate zones across North America & Eurasia. 

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'Appalachian Spring'     'Cherokee Brave'

       Fall Foliage

'Cherokee Princess'           'Red Pygmy'®

Summer Foliage                   Fall Foliage

'Celestial Shadow'® Dogwood

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