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Not pictured are 'Arapaho' (red), 'Biloxi' (light pink), 'Muskogee' (light lavender), 'Tuscarora' (coral pink).

Tree Size Crapemyrtles 20+ Feet Mature Height : 

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Dabney Nursery Crapemyrtles

​​5576 Hacks Cross Rd.

Memphis, TN

(901) 755-4037

​All varieties & sizes are subject to availability.

Not pictured are 'Acoma' (white) and 'Rhapsody in Pink' (soft pink).

Crapemyrtles:  A Signature of  Mid-South Landscapes 

        'Miami'                     'Natchez'              'Red Rocket'        'Sarah's Favorite'

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Dwarf Crapemyrtles 3-6 Foot Mature Height:

     'Catawba'                   'Dynamite'        'Raspberry Sundae'        'Twilight'

Not pictured is 'Sioux' (pink).

Not pictured is Berry Dazzle (fuchsia pink). 

Small Tree Crapemyrtles 15-20 Foot Mature Height:

Open Mon-Sat 8-5:00

Semi-Dwarf Crapemyrtles 7-15 Foot Mature Height: